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Midtown Theatre and Film is a group of exceptionally talented and versatile high school students who consistently produce a variety of plays, musicals, and other theatrical performances for the Midtown/Atlanta community. All students are welcome to participate in the program, regardless of experience!

Students learn and contribute to every aspect of the theater, from acting to directing, singing, dancing, playwriting, set design, lighting design, costuming, film production and so much more!


Midtown Theatre puts on 3 full-length productions (including 2 musicals) per year in addition to a variety of theatrical events, including the Fall One Acts, original student plays, Coffeehouses, Senior One-Acts, Thespian Conference, Improv shows, the 48 Hour Film Project, and much more!



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Why Midtown Theatre?

While we appreciate our teachers and parents who work tirelessly to ensure that we get to do the fun things that we do, Midtown Theatre and Film is unique in that students run most of it. During performances, the director sits back in the audience and watches as the students run lights and sound, organize actors, move set, and more. Students build the sets (with the help of Mr. Brandhorst, Ms. Willard, and Mr. Dreiling). There is a Thespian Board made up of students who serve as leaders and strive to improve our program more every year. We also are proud that there is little to no divide between actors and techies; both are equally respected and loved, and everyone tends to do a bit of both. There is an incredible sense of community in Midtown Theatre, and we hope that you join us.

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