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 Mr. Dreiling has been teaching since 1999 and has been teaching theatre at Midtown since 2007. In high school, Mr. Dreiling took art classes and played lots of sports. In his senior year, he took his first drama class. He then spent the next year at a Canadian magnet school for the arts, where he got heavily involved in theatre and never looked back. During his first three years of college, Mr. Dreiling received his BA in Mathematics (of all things!) from the University of Western Ontario while performing in extracurricular plays. He then moved to Georgia and decided to become a math teacher. He received his second degree in Secondary Mathematics Education at Georgia Southern University while performing in every main stage show they offered. Mr. Dreiling then decided to become certified in drama, so he spent the next five years earning his MA in Theatre Production at Central Washington University.   


     Mr. Dreiling’s Midtown Theatre directing credits include: Measure for Measure (2007), Incident in San Bajo (2008), Cut (2009), In the Aughts (2010), All in the Timing (2010), Hairspray (2011), Property Rites (2011), The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (2012), Dogface (2013), Rent (2014), The Wedding Singer (2015), Hecate Hill (2015), The Secret Garden (2016), Booby Trap (2016), Les Miserables (2017), Almost, Maine (2017), The Little Mermaid (2019), Sweeney Todd (COVID cancelled) (2020), and Whirligig (2021).  He also produces the Coffeehouses held each year. Mr. Dreiling has directed six Midtown shows that have won the Region One-Act Competition.

    In addition to theatre, Mr. Dreiling has expanded the department's offerings to include film production. In 2018, he wrote a new course for the state of Georgia called "Acting and Production in Film." The class has produced over 20 short films, several of which were showcased at the 2019 Georgia Thespian Film Festival. Mr. Dreiling wrote and directed the first after school film at Midtown in 2018. Mr. Dreiling also produced the 48 Hour Film Project from 2013-2017 and in 2019.

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