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Midtown Theatre and Film is a group of exceptionally talented and versatile high school students who consistently produce a variety of plays, musicals, and other theatrical performances for the Midtown/Atlanta community. All students are welcome to participate in the program, regardless of experience!

Students learn and contribute to every aspect of the theater, from acting to directing, singing, dancing, playwriting, set design, lighting design, costuming, film production and so much more!


Midtown Theatre puts on 3 full-length productions (including 2 musicals) per year in addition to a variety of theatrical events, including the Fall One Acts, original student plays, the Three Day Plays, Coffeehouses, Senior One-Acts, Thespian Conference, Improv shows, the 48 Hour Film Project, and much more!

If you'd like more information about our program, including pathways & classes you can take, click below for a visual guide.

Midtown Theatre & Film Pathways



Planning your own event in the VMA or BBT? Fill out this form!



Coffeehouse is a great way to participate in theatre without much commitment. Come up with an act-- such as singing a song, reciting a monologue, performing a scene, playing an instrument--and screen it the day before the performance. If it is appropriate and prepared, you're in! The next day, you'll perform in front of an audience in the Black Box Theatre. Food and coffee are available at performances, hence the name "coffeehouse."




Our Film Night features various short films and in class projects that have been produced throughout the year, specifically our 48 Hour Film Project and short films from Acting I & II. This showcase takes place in the Vincent Murray Auditorium with films projected onto the big screen!

Check out our past projects here.

Senior One  acts

Senior One Acts are our last productions of the school year. As the culminating project of the Advanced Drama class, several Grady seniors will select, cast, and direct 10 -15 minute one act plays. Auditions usually occur right after our spring musical and are open to all grades (not just seniors)! 

48 Hour  Film  Project

The 48 Hour Film Project is a bit different from anything else offered at Grady. It is a competitive film-based project over the summer, involving professional film companies in Atlanta! In 48 hours, 

each team must write and produce a short film based off of a randomly selected

genre, prop, character, and line.  This project allows for students to gain experience with on-camera acting as well as technical jobs in the film industry. The end result is displayed on the big screen at the Midtown Art Cinema.  It's pretty cool!

Check out our past projects here.

Why Grady Drama?

While we appreciate our teachers and parents who work tirelessly to ensure that we get to do the fun things that we do, Grady Drama is unique in that students run most of it. During performances, the director sits back in the audience and watches as the students run lights and sound, organize actors, move set, and more. Students build the sets (with the help of Mr. Brandhorst and Mr. Dreiling). There is a Thespian Board made up of students who serve as leaders and strive to improve our program more every year. We also are proud that there is little to no divide between actors and techies; both are equally respected and loved, and everyone tends to do a bit of both. There is an incredible sense of community in Grady Drama, and we hope that you join us.


drama classes

Acting I

Acting & Production in Film

Fundamentals of Drama


Costume Tech









Musical Theatre I

Tech Theatre 

Musical Theatre Productions

Advanced Drama

Musical Theatre Showcase

Drama Classes

The Board

The student board coordinates the majority of Grady Drama functions from recruiting incoming freshman to managing this website! The board is supervised by Jake Dreiling.



Kai is in charge of running and helping the board run smoothly. He is also in charge of new thespian recruitment.


Vice President

Katherine helps get Grady hype for theatre, helping with marketing, planning, and wherever she's needed.


Event Specialist

Quinn's job on the board is to make sure all the Thespians and Grady Drama fans have the best time at our events. He organizes the coffeehouses and Thespian parties. He (and his awesome partner Bradley, of course) bring the fun to Grady Drama.


Event Specialist

Bradley works with Quinn to make sure that every Grady Drama event is as enjoyable as possible. She organizes the coffeehouses and Thespian parties.

The student board coordinates the majority of Grady Drama functions from recruiting incoming freshman to managing this website! The board is supervised by Jake Dreiling.

the board

Troupe LiaIson

Isabel deals with all things pertaining to Thespian conference! That includes developing a portfolio for Grady Drama's Honor Troupe status, audition information, scheduling, and answering any questions about requirements to attend Thescon or what to expect.


Alumni Outreach & Philanthropy

Maddie is responsible for Alumni Outreach and Philanthropy. If you have already graduated or you want to donate to Broadway Cares, she's the one to talk to!



Inaya is in charge of designing posters for shows and events, as well as making sure the website is up to date.


Public Relations

Eden is in charge of all Grady Drama social medias, including memes and Dreiling December.

The Cabinet


Nadia McGlynn

Nadia is one of the Cabinet Members. Basically, the ensemble members of the Thespian Board.

IMG_1483 copy.jpeg

Bianca Weber

Bianca is one of the Cabinet Members. Basically, the ensemble members of the Thespian Board.

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