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"What's Your Fondest Memory of Grady Drama?"

Isabel Olson, Class of 2016

"Having the opportunity to write and direct a production of my own musical with a team of peers was an experience only Grady could provide. Grady drama was an excellent venue for student artists who took initiative in creating their own art, and I was encouraged and allowed to learn on my own. Had I not been given the reigns, I would never have learned how to take charge of my own artistic goals -- a skill essential to pursuing the arts.

Caroline Bray, Class of 2017

"I loved the family we cultivated. It was such an inclusive and loving environment and our casts were always so close! I loved going to Waffle House after shows, I loved eating dinners on the floor of the lobby lobby lobby during rehearsals. I also loved loved loved thespian conference!"

Carrie Miller, Class of 2019

"My fondest memory is just being comfortable and having fun in every theater class I took. I learned so much and got confidence in doing more in theater/ film. I also loved doing Partners. It made me feel like I could really be a 1st AD."

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