This is our newsletter for anyone who has graduated and was involved with Grady/Midtown Drama and film. We'll be keeping you updated on how the program has been doing since you've graduated and moved on to the "real world" with rehearsal photos and info on current shows.


The 2022-2023 school year is kicking off! Entering our second year under the new name of Midtown Theater and Film, we are growing comfortable with the new title and excited to represent our school. 


The department has an exciting year ahead, with our traditional coffee houses, plays, and musicals. Our fall productions are in full swing with rehearsals. The fall one act play, Our Place, directed by Jake Dreiling will make its appearance in the Black Box Theater from October 20-22, 2022. The full length play is an exciting new take on the classic play Our Town. It is being re-written by the cast and directed by Lisa Willoughby under the name Our Town Midtown 2022.


Lastly, this fall we are beyond honored to be the first high school to produce the new musical Ranked, directed by Jake Dreiling. In addition, our Musical Theater Production class will be the first performers to put on the one act version of Ranked, written specifically for Midtown, which they will be screening in hopes of performing at Thescon. Ranked will make its debut January 12-14, 2023. We would be overjoyed to experience this exciting opportunity alongside our alumni!


Our first coffee house was on September 22, and was an amazing start to the year! The next coffeehouse,,  “Mad Hatter’s Coffee Party - A Wonderland Themed Coffeehouse” is on November 10, 2022 in the black box theater. As always, it will be an exciting night filled with excellent performances by our talented Midtown students. 


 We would love to know all about your lives after graduation! To fill us in on your theater activities fill out our form here


This has been your Midtown Theater and Film updates for Alumni. Stay tuned for more!