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This is our newsletter for anyone who has graduated and was involved with Grady/Midtown Drama and film. We'll be keeping you updated on how the program has been doing since you've graduated and moved on to the "real world" with rehearsal photos and info on current shows.


We are headed into this new year and second semester of the school year. These next few months we will continue to work around the clock to deliver the Midtown community with amazing shows and exciting opportunities.


Our first show of the new year and our in-class musical is Ranked! From January 12-14 at 7:00 in the Vincent Murray Auditorium you can come see this amazing show and show your support for the cast and crew. If these shows don’t fit into your schedule, don’t fret! We also have a matinee show at 2:00 on Saturday, January 14th!  


Along with Ranked, the cast and crew of Chicago are gearing up to begin rehearsing this classic show, set to make its debut in March. In addition, we will continue to put on our regular coffee houses and drama club meetings.


We would love to know all about your lives after graduation! To fill us in on your theater activities fill out our form here


This has been your Midtown Theater and Film updates for Alumni. Stay tuned for more!

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