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Alumni Newsletter

This is our newsletter for anyone who has graduated and was involved with Grady Drama.  We'll be keeping you updated on how the program's been doing since you've graduated and moved on to the "real world" with rehearsal photos, info on current shows, and interviews with your fellow alumni!


Since most of you graduated from Grady Drama, a few things have changed. 


First of all, the 2021-2022 school year will be the first under the new name of Midtown Theatre and Film. The new name will take some getting used to, but the department has the same charm it has always had and is excited to represent the school’s performing arts.


In addition to the name change, Covid-19 has impacted our program. For example, the department hasn’t had a live show since “Legally Blonde” in January 2020. However, this has not kept us off of the stage. Productions continued to happen throughout the pandemic (without an audience and pertaining to Covid safety precautions). For example, during the spring of 2021, then called Grady Drama was thankful to put on “Little Shop of Horrors” directed by Rodrick Pope. In addition, the program was able to put on “Whirligig” directed by Jake Dreiling. Both of these productions were filmed and displayed online for our audiences.  Our production of “Whirligig” won regional competition, in addition to our very own Nicky Taylor (class of 2021) winning best actor. Emilia Gustafson (class of 2021) and Brady Stroppel (class of 2022) earned all-region cast. We are so proud of our performers and crew for their amazing work during this hard time. 


We missed so much theatre, tech, and film opportunities during the last year and a half, and are happy to announce that we are back and excited to get started. Rehearsal has begun for the fall production of “Sister Act” directed by Jake Dreiling. In addition, Mr. Dreiling will be directing the fall one act he wrote titled “My Sister’s Back”. Our second fall play will be “California Suite” directed by Rodrick Pope. Lastly, we are getting excited about our spring production of “Mama Mia” which will be directed by Lisa Wiloughby. 


Finally, we are keeping watch of the Covid-19 situation, but are cautiously optimistic to include coffee houses, Thespian Conference, and drama club meetings to our list of activities. All of these events will have masks required along with limited numbers of participants and audiences. 


This has been your Midtown Theatre and Film updates for Alumni. Stay tuned for more!




The company of “Little Shop of Horrors” performs the song “Da doo”, starring Brady Stroppel (2022).




Shown is our Thespian Board vice president Owen McCoy (2022) leading a theatre game at our first ever Midtown High drama club meeting. 




A picture of our cast during the performance and recording of “Whirligig”.




The “Sister Act” choreographer Ezra Roberts (2023) working on one of the dances for the in-class production to be shown in January. 

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